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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

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> From: pvk@oz.net
> I thought we decided the Mnoren started hiding due to inertial gate
> wars... ;-)

Oh did we?
I'd missed that one, sorry.
Except that I'm the kind of Monoren that flouts wisdom.
I've paied for this stance.
I've destroyed some inocent things, wasted honest help.
"I'm sorry for getting you killed on acount of me being so blody high, and so bleeding mighty!"
'The Man Who Would Be King'
"Walk wide 'o 'da Widdow of Windsor,
for 'alf 'o creation she owns.
We brought 'em da same
Wid da Sword and da Flame
and we salted it down wid our bones!"

"And 'ers to you Fuzzy Wuzzy,
in your home in the Sudan.
Your a poor benighted 'ethen,
but a First-Class fightn' man.

And 'ers to you Fuzzy Wuzzy,
wid your 'ayrick 'ed 'o 'air.
You big, black, boundin' buggars,
you've gone and broke a British Square!

(that ain't right. Jay you LOVE Kippling. Get it right why don't you?)
> On Fri, December 21, 2007 3:38 pm, Jay Carlisle wrote:
> ...
> > How can a game be universal if the terms are undefined?
> I dunno, since universal would be another undefined term.


> But perhaps, it can be universally weakly defined.
> Is any definition perfectly defined?
> What defines whether one definition is better than another?

Entertainment value???

> > How can I go to the reference materal for data and apply this directly
> > into game terms if 1pt dam is amorphious?
> Seems to me TFT sort of defines "1 pt dam" as the amount of injury
> necessary to kill an average rat, or 1/10 the injury needed to kill the
> average adult human male.


I'll get a bunch of rats.
Then I'll start measuring how I kill them.

How many rats, stacked up, can I kill with one blow from a knife/sword/axe/are you REALLY that enamoured with blood?

I can then use my data (Rat_Cleave) to pertain to my sword blow directed at you for asking me this question.

How much force does Jay need to generate with his katana to silence pvk@oz.net's annoying attempts to poke holes in his theories?

Rat_Cleave * 10

Okay I'm fine with that.

At LEAST I know what that 1pt dam MEANS when I'm reading the Encylopedia.



> ...
> > What a minunet!
> >
> > What the * am I talking about?
> >
> LOL!
> > {{{ This is me on the meta-level I consider MYSELF. I swear if I tried to
> > read the crap I write I'd go nuts.
> ...
> > I'm not SCARED of the wasted text.
> LOL! I love it.
> ...
> > I care about what you think of TFT.
> Thank you. :-)
> Merry Orcmas!

I am SO glad that you take this with the entertainment value that I attempt to provide.

{{{ Meta-Level Me. It's IS a game }}}

I like to take my hobies seriously.

Who am I kidding, my life IS hobbies.

If you don't think that's true I've got an Elk skin that you can come show me how to buck properly.
I'm on my THIRD try.
In my defence, this droped on me quick. (be careful what you ask for Jay, you start this game junk, you'd better be able to deliver...)
My BOOKS are about tanning DEER.
An Elk is like a damn HORSE.
My "Old Man" flag drops in six months.

"Live and learn"

Worst case, I end up with dog treats.

But I'm going through the stinky process.

Mainly cause I WANNA KNOW.

So make what fun of my information that you want.
I'm living it.
Laugh at my stupid attempts to grasp at something better.
Just correct me with something REAL, a system, a model, equasions, whatever floats your boat.

This isn't about ME, although I DO babble.

This is about TFT.

Not me

Not me

Not me

I should make some snide comment here but I've got to go be an ass on 2 other boards tonight.

For GOD's sake, please try not to listen to Jay in the New Year.
(This dictum is probably easy for most of you. Don't say that I ask others to do what I'm not willing to do myself.)

Am I still typing?

Where's my beer?

(these ARE beer & pretzels games)
( nudge nudge, wink wink, Terry Jones wrote Labyrenth & Erik the Viking, say no more )

I'm a clever son of a bitch ( love you Mom, Merry Christmas ) sometimes.


Got that code moved back?

The feats of strength commince upon the New Year!


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