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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

Quoting Nocstar <shepherd93@insightbb.com>:

         I was born in 1952. I can sympathize. I remember when the
Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember making phone
calls by picking up the receiver and telling the operator to "please
connect me to GL6-4321" or whatever. The rotary dial was a big
improvement. I supervise people who weren't born when I was hired. Take it form a mental health professional; try not to think about it
too much. It'll drive you @#!$%^& nuts!

In my martial arts career, it used to be fun to beat up on an 18 year old, get
asked why I was so good, and reply that I'd been at it longer than they'd bee
It's less fun to do the same these days and reply that I have equipment older
than they are.
Neil Gilmore
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