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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

I have broken this into three sections. I will address them backwards, then
submit my conclusions. I'm probably going to be too long winded and pendantic
about all this as well, and for that I apologize.

> > Cidri was a mistake. There is no need to have some HUGE world that> >
encompasses everybody's campaign, reality (and a touch of whimsy)
> > does the job for us as so eloquently described in the aforementioned
> > novel. All we got was a few widely scattered or buried facts about
> > the designers campaign and 2 two page appendixes. If you dig through
> > the supplemental material you can dig up quite a bit more but the
> > fact remains that Cidri is superfluous. Not unimportant, but
> > unnecessary.

I will refer to this as ''Cidri was a mistake.''

> > What I've been after is a game with a few tools that are beyond refute.
> > Off the top of my head the big three are DICE, FIGURES, and HEXES.
> > These things MUST be the same no matter whos' world is running.

I will refer to this as ''DICE, FIGURES, and HEXES.''

> > I've got buildable (and destroyable) cities which is part of an answer
> > to the problem of very powerful characters. Instead of throwing more
> > powerful critters at them, make them conquerors. How many exp
> > in a pop2 village (pop2 = population 2000)? Answer; about 23,200
> > if'n you kill every last man, woman, and child.

I will refer to this as ''Conqueror's exp.''

As per our previous discussions I will be using the Magnitude to Minutia
method in diagrams of my reasoning. These posts over the next week will be
short, as I hope to keep a tight focus on the points at hand. My conclusion
will try to make the counterstatement that Cidri was not so much a mistake in
the objective sense as the subjective experience of saying ''cidri was a
mistake'' liberates the GM to do what ever they feel is right.

Let us proceed shall we?

David Michael Grouchy II
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