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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

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> From: "David Michael Grouchy II" 

>       First we have the ''Conqueror's exp.''  To illustrate my feelings about
> this I have made a small web page.  There is also a link to the math.
> http://www.branya.com/conquerors_exp.htm
> David Michael Grouchy II

Exelent point about "Who gets the exp points".

A related thought.

Y'all remember to old "If a tree falls in the woods..." bit?

Well if I get 100exp pts in the woods, but there's nobody around to see do I get to keep them?

Concepts of Fame.

I give X2 or more experiance for notorious/infamious deeds done. Half goes to the Leader, the other half is the exp generated by the actual act and goes to the henchmen that acomplish the job.

The Wicked Witch of the West sends out her flying monkeys to destroy Munchkin Town.

Each monkey gets exp as normal for each munchkin slayen and for buildings destroyed.
(constructing buildings w/St makes this simple)

The Wicked Witch gets the sum total of her menions exp for instigating the event.


Because the next morning the Emerald City Picayune's headline reads,

Wicked Witch West Wages War!

Also of note here is that RARELY will a figure (player/NPC) find it nessacary to compleatly destroy entire citys.

Sitting here thinking about it, as many times as I've played Civ2 I've NEVER conquored the world by TOTALY destroying the other Civs cities.
Capture them yes.
But not wipe every vestage of them from the map.

That kinda sounds like fun.



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