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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

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> From: Neil Gilmore
> I want the T-shirt my neighbor in Austin had. It said, "What I need is more
> money and less crap from people like you."
> Neil Gilmore

This post is a great analysis of what I call the "entertainment factor"
It's a way I have of trying to keep myself in check that basicly consists of me asking my self constantly, "nice idea Jay, but is it fun?"

I've come to much the same conclusion.

However, I AM intrested in motivating my NPC's through the enviroment of the game world.

Standing Orders

I've heard quite a few terms for the concept.
Reguardless, when the players choose to spend a session in Downtime dice fest what are the NPC's doing?
Well the yearly population growth is probably MOST of the answer, but a few of my NPC antagonists are real nut-jobs.
While the players spend time building their figures keep the Psyco-killer stalks another victim. (run run ruh-un run run run awaaaaayyy I I I ieeeeyiyiyiyiyiyiiii)
(Shut up Jay! They can't hear the Talking Heads in you head)

I fully expect to get a knock on the door someday and when I go to answer it's the List, everyone 'en mass, shown up hear to lynch me.

Sure, you say no NOW, but never say never!

Anyway back to my point...
I DID have a point didn't I?

Ah, abstraction.

Okay there are certain features that make a game intresting.

For me, as a player, (and who'd have me as a player in their storyworld after seeing some of THIS stuff?) I like systems that I can mess with.
Get my hands on.
So part of my aproach is to allow the players access to materal and proceduers normally considered the domain of the GM.
Of course, TECHNICALLY, useing this method could result in you having your storyworld usurped so to speak.

"What do you mean I'm not in the band anymore? I STARTED this band!?!?"
Jack Black 'School of Rock'

This is a risk I'm willing to make with y'alls worlds.



P.S. There's a little touristy T-Shirt shop in Seaside.
I'm making one of those shirts.
Want one?

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