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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

---- raito@raito.com
Quoting Jay Carlisle selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com:

> I'm GONNA bug you till you either acquiece to MY storyworld, or you
> counter me with something better.

In a word, no.
I agree.  No.
I mean, feel free to post all you want (very generous of me, since I don't
maintain the list) much of it makes no sense to me, but occasionally I
understand a question you ask and may try to answer.  And design the game and
gameworld you want, lots of people have, but it is remarkably unlikely that
I'll adopt it (I have not adopted any other game for the past 30 yrs, TFT is
still working great for me).
On the other hand, if you want to build agame, more power to you, and if this
list helps, more power to Joe and the list members, and if I help, you are
certainly welcome to it.
On the gripping hand, I will gladly share anecdotes from my gaming and
gameworld, not to counter you with something better, just to share.
All that having been said, your manic, stream-of-consciousness postings have
certainly kept the list active 8-)  So thanks for that.

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