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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

-- -------"Jay Carlisle"
> ----- Reguardless, when the players choose to spend a session in Downtime
dice fest what are the NPC's doing?
Well the yearly population growth is probably MOST of the answer, but a few of
my NPC antagonists are real nut-jobs.
While the players spend time building their figures keep the Psyco-killer
stalks another victim.
Oh yeah, the rest of the world moves on.  And not just during down time.
While the gang has spent the entire winter in the mountains south Dwarvenholme
chasing giants and trogledites on behalf of Durgan the Benevolent, Manorhaven
(the new manor next to their estates) has sprung up nicely and now boasts 350
residents with more on the way.  And while they do not know it yet, their
prior actions have indirectly helped ease the tension between orcs and dwarves
in Manorhaven.  I look forward to them stopping in at their estates and seeing
what has developed.
Similarly, the winter has gone badly for the mining community in Silverpeak
(see old posts on "fishsticks of fury" for what the community will look like,
so there may be some starvation going on their soon, unless someone steps up
to the plate to help.  Maybe the PCs will help, maybe the miners will starve,
who knows.
No matter what the PCs do the world moves on around them, and it is a big
world too, so they will get to influence little pieces at a time, maybe even
medium pieces since they know the king of the black Iron dwarves,  but not the
whole thing.
So part of my aproach is to allow the players access to materal and proceduers
normally considered the domain of the GM.
Of course, TECHNICALLY, useing this method could result in you having your
storyworld usurped so to speak.
Not sure what you mean.  Designing towns? NPCs? Spells? Talents?  I let the
guys do that sort of thing, though at least in theory I retain a veto over its
inclusion in my gameworld.  haven't vetoed anything yet, but it could happen
But it sounds like you are talking about more.  What are you taalking about?
(admittedly a qustion think about your posts pretty often. :-) )

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