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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #956

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tft-owner@brainiac.com writes:

> WHY did the orcs crawl up the walls in Moria like bugs?
> This concept makes Helms Deep 'highly devalued' IM'H'O.
1) I thought they were Goblins; not Orcs?

2) My Middle Earth is rusty. Could goblins travel cross county in numbers 
strong enough to attack Helm's deep, and how are they able to operate in 
daylight? Of course if the Uruk-Hai and/or Orcs could bring some as scouts to scale 
the walls with rope and/or ladders...Hmm; needs to be gamed out...

Personally; I liked Jackson's interpretation of the books. IMNSHO they are 
the closest adaptation yet..

PS; Glad New Line came to their sense's and made nice with Jackson to do The 

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