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(TFT) A plan? From me?

> From: "David Michael Grouchy II" 
> Heheh.

Heheh Heheh Heheh!

Okay, the New Year draws neigh and I've already put it out there so it's time to draw the stream of con. approach to a close.
As much as possable that is.
You can take the boy out the country...

I grew up around some very colourful people.
I offer this as a slight defence of my "style".

"As he simultaneously murders both the French and the English language, a people come alive."
from Gus Weill's Foreword to "The Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook"

"Let me tole you how come the reason for the title 'Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook'. A gourmet is a epicure, a person who loves to eat well-prepared food. A gourmand is just a P-I-G hog. Me, I'm both."
Justin Wilson

I don't even BEGIN to flatter myself that I'm a one of a kind like that man. I'm just saying that I've grown up in a life FULL of characters and I find it difacult to express myself to start with so when I cut loose and DO IT it comes out wacked.
It's at least something I can cut the ideas outta and have them subjected to a more objective form of critizism.
Alot of my thought is so interrelated with the TFT "structure" that it's hard to seperate out what's a new idea of mine (very few), an idea inspired by others (very many, but 'my recolections faulty'...), or something that is simply a formal system seperate from considerations like "Cidri".

Okay, so there's that.

Then I'd like to use these last few days of SoC to schtizo figure my "format" for x period of time.
I figure what can I commit to each week in 2008?

I've found in recent explorations that a basic Log can be helpful?/intresting when aproaching someone elses work.

Probably a once a week "progress report".

A plain text library of TFT rules would be neat.
My idea here is a format in which inclusion of others materal is simple.
I would like to break the rules into plain text sections with clear indications of authorship so that some of the more powerful text editors out there these days can grind out a "house list" of rules from the group, excluding terms that don't apply to your campagne.
I've not counted the main breaks in the MToC we've been graced with but I'd not think it'd be unreasonable for me to commit to 1 section per week for 52 in 2008.

I'm thinking a procedure for this could be for me to post my proposed changes.
Allow disscusion via List.
Post consinsus view via Wiki.
Allow edit time.
make doc available.

And then 50+ "new concept" pages is about 1 per week.
War first... (hard to seperate concepts though)

All the above plus continueing with the Wiki stuff gives me plenty to do each day. I've got other stuff to do too.

I'd like to say a last little bit about the SoC babble stuff.

I'd like to keep a bit of it if I can manage it.

I have always prefered the 'rules writeing' approach that came from a PoV that "suggested" adventures.
This would be opposed to the standard Avalon Hill style which I found somewhat dry, yet just as 'muddy' in spots as any RPG. 
< bows deeply at the waist in response to loud boos at witty pun >

SJ had such "suggestion".

Of course SoC is MHO!

Thoughts can't hurt ya!
I think?

< flees for cover >


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