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Re: (TFT) THE LISTS funniest quotes

On Dec 28, 2007 2:07 PM, David Michael Grouchy II <
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> > Subject: (TFT) THE LISTS funniest quotes
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> > I'm crawlin around in search and fid this gem
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> > the whole thing is here...
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> > http://tft.brainiac.com/archive/0609/msg00051.html
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> > Well worth the read in case ya missed it the first time but I mention it
> cause I got a good belly laugh out of it. Remember any others?

Regarding GMs vs players, lethality of TFT, etc. I never played much as a
GM, but spent a lot of hours playing. I remember that the "lethality" was
brought into perspective when weaker characters joined in (my first
character, for example) by NPCs that the experienced and fair GM "ran" who
would "watch our backs". My character came close to dying a couple of times,
but mostly because I did foolish things in combat. Once I was poisoned, as
part of a scenario, and so I couldn't do much role playing with ST 1 for a
couple of hours. But it was still loads of fun to play!

All I can say is that I never felt that the so-called lethality of TFT
affected our role playing more than it did in D&D. If you try to approach
TFT like D&D, that would be "bugsh*t crazy"...

As far as combat, I don't think Death Test-like dungeons are meant for
campaigns. That is, pre-programmed rooms with a set number of baddies, etc.
A good GM will adjust things, or have a NPC recommend against entering
conflicts that are just stupid, at least when players are n00bs. Perhaps I
was spoiled with a fair GM.
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