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Re: (TFT) THE LISTS funniest quotes

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 but I mention it
> > cause I got a good belly laugh out of it. Remember any others?
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Sorry if I offended anybody on this one.

I've still got time to babble so I may as well try to get this out.

I did think about it this much before I began the flow.

I am a rank amature in these matters as my posts amply prove.

So do I NEVER try?

I can't seem to let this stuff go.

Screw it! I'll give it a shot!

I give a look at the List.


Not a ton going on.

Who cares?

The List is still there so at least Mr. H. still cares.

It may be babble but ocasionaly there's something there.

If I don't write SOMETHING down I've got NOTHING to work with.

And some of the babble shook off a few cobwebs eh?

Or do I fancy meself too important?

If folks who haven't posted in a while are back then I shall endevor not to squander their effort!

It took me awhile but I finally figured out who some of the people I'm making an ass outta myself in front of were.

Make of it what you will.

This is my process warts, farts and all.

My farts don't stink to me.

So I suspose I gotta put 'em out there if I wanna gauge a reaction.

I'll wear my amature status like a CROWN until (ROTFLMAO!) it's striped from me!

It's the reverse of Tu Quo Quae.

The train rolls on, and I run and I run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking...

I'm not here to make friends.

I think it is VERY important to try and sort out what has been put out on this list already.
Like they said in meet the Pro's we're ALL somewhat introverted else if we couldn't create anything "entertaining" at all.

If we didn't spend time thinking about this junk we couldn't pull off a sucessful session more times than not.

This is why I think that even if you TOTALY disagree with someone on this List you still get someone elses PoV and if you are REALLY about the game and not just your own PoV then this should be worth SOMETHING.
If nothing else it'll show an example of the "stupid" side and why THIS concept is MUCH better.

I repeat, I'm not scared to appear stupid.

Teach me! I'll do my best to learn. Show me where I'm wrong. Explain why and where my stupidy is showing and point me to something that may correct me.

Call me stupid and leave things at that, and your only telling me something that I already know.

Ignore me and I'll ignore you back!

This may be the key to happiness.

Finally I intend to continue my atempts to get some of this stuff orginaized for the Wiki.

IMHO this may be the best resource the generation that created this stuff can leave.

Maybe one day the computers can catch up to what's in my head.

Lord knows the movies can't.

In summery I think that there are times when I'm reading other people expressing themselves that I really get a good laugh outta it.
I have such a hard time expressing myself that I admire it when floks do it eloquently.

I never ment to touch a nerve.

But I will say that I admire the hell outta the folks who post here.
If I'd been aware of the people who read this I'd of never DARED to utter a peep.

I'm sure most of you would have prefered it so!

Agree or disagree I learn SOMETHING from a post that at least attemps to describe an idea or opinion.

Do they still use the term "Flame"?

I always considered a Flame "no content".

Sticks and Stones.

Being comfortable in your own skin can really piss people off.


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