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Re: (TFT) HT's views on complexity

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> From: "David O. Miller" <davidomiller@verizon.net>
> > I'm useing Mr. Millers version of the "Bridge" as a fine example 
> > of a counterpoint.
> I feel honored already Jay. Just don't tear me apart too much!
> --David O. Miller


There is nothing TOO tear apart!
You've done a great job!

(sad story here)
I recieved several old games from a friend here for Christmas.
All of them are copies!
And She PAID for 'em!

BAD pirates!

If I'd wanted copies, well...

Of course at this point it aint like the publisher is gettin anything from it, but STILL...

I have a few ideas for ramping up the power levels for players by giving them responsabilitys.

This can tie them down as much as empower them.

What is a King in your world?

Does HE have any additional "actions" available to him?

I think that a character with the Job 'Towne Guard' of Royston Vasey in the middle ages had somewhat "unique" requiremnets from those sugested on the Job table.

I find this aproach HIGHLY significant.

I wonder what Quigly would have thought.
After he got to 'down under'.

Though what Australia is "Under" is debatable.

I mean Quebec?


" I come from the land under Quebec! "
" If you assume the north pole is the top of something. "

< sung to the tune of "Land Down Under" >


It's aprox seven fifteen in the PM on New Years Eve eve.

y'all recon "I" can get in on the bet as to weather or not I'll live up to my resolutions?

What's the over/under?

I'll probably take the under.


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