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(TFT) Babble

Does any one know the proper term for the brass dealies that went through a hole in a stack of loose-leaf paper, and then you bend down the wings in back to hold the paper together?

I'd like to use a better word than Brass, loose-leaf paper holder do-hickey.

Anyway it's for Articulated figures/counters.

Have you ever thought about making a 7 hex Dragon that "bends" by taking two 4 hex Dragons and joining them together by fastining an end of each together with a "Brass, loose-leaf paper holder do-hickey"?

Articulated LARGE critters are alot of fun to build.

Wyrm type Dragons become quite slithery.

Large Dragons can fit into smaller areas, back into a defensive posistion with it's back against the wall and claws AND tail facing forward.

And that tail is a WHIP now.

And this is only Dragons.


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