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Re: (TFT) Babble

Have I babbled any of this yet?

I'll probably need a lot of it.

Damage, Saving Throws and Scale

Quotes and information from various sources;
A human arm swing appears to clock in at about 90 to 100mph. This speed can be generated pneumatically at around 600 to 700psi.

A brick supports about 650 to 700psi load. This is about the maximum force for a human punch. (high-powered or super campaigns can amp up appropriately).

Legs possess twice the mussel mass of arms. All else being equal (no special techniques) a kick is about twice as powerful as a punch.

Between 1 to 1.5 tons of force can be generated with the knee.

Upwards of 2 tons force with a shoulder charge (tackle)

1 ton of force across the body (18ft^2 of skin / 2 = about 9ft^2) is a bit like hitting a wall at 25mph.

Humans can withstand impacts of two and a half tons with training. (Hardbody, NFL, Stone Bones, etc.)

A few hundred pounds to the temple equals KO

The low end of the threshold for broken bones, internal injury and hemorrhaging is equal to hitting a wall at 35mph.

1 gram = 15.432 grains.

 A 9mm round is 147 grains. A M1 Garand is 150 grains. A 50. Cal is 600 grains.

Low muzzle velocity weapons clock in at under 1000fps. Black Powder weapons, shotguns and handguns fall into this category.

A .22 rifle round penetrates a hardcover book to around 400 pages. (See wizards tomes, 25 sheets equal 1 Quire, 20 Quires equal 1 Ream.)

High muzzle velocity weapons exceed 1000fps. Modern rifles seem to fall around 2500fps give or take a few hundred feet.

Please also see my post on the M1 Garand firing into water.

Moment of force  = Magnitude of force * Moment arm.

Damage = Strength of blow * Length of weapon (actually point of impact, think Reggie Jackson hitting one down around his hands. This is why we roll the dice. Also the impacted mass might not simply stand there but may try to roll with the blow. This could be important lol.)

In Melee a club was Str9, 1 die dam

In Advanced Melee things had changed. (From what Ive read I dont think Mr. Jackson got the thing done to his satisfaction. This also may be a reaction to 8/16/8 figures w/1d6 clubs)

It seems to me that Str based damage for clubs implies Str based damage for ALL weapons. Arent basic swords just sharp clubs? I suppose this would mean that certain features would have to be described as effects. Something like Morning Stars ignore Shields (wrap around).

Also a thrust caries much less velocity but imparts more mass over a smaller area. This is more likely to get Internal.

 A single knife wound to an artery or across a major mussel group can bleed at a rate of 4pints per minuet

A healthy male has 1/13 their weight in pints of blood. 130lbs = 13 pints.

Loss of half the blood is often fatal.

1 pint of blood (I used pigs blood. Theres a butchers less than a mile from me.) makes a puddle approximately 1.3m in diameter (1 hex, this MUST be a coincident) on a smooth flat surface like a finished floor (even the smooth concrete floor of my garage). Of course 1 pint bleeding does not equal 1 pint of blood on the floor. Still in a good old-fashioned Rune Quest style blood bath, well, theres a ratio. This also works well with Secret Damage, damage kept by the gm and only described to players. (You feel the blade turn upon his armor. or The wound is deep and bleeds freely.)

First Aid can only treat EXTERNAL injury. Internal injury can only be treated with drugs or Surgery.

Im not sure about fire, lightning, etc. These can go either way. If quantified as damage then the bookkeeping is increased. This could be enjoyable complexity, or just annoying.

The TFT Fantasy Masters Screen lists 85 Saving Throws.
Without getting deep Ill just say that I doubt this was the screen mentioned by Mr. Jackson in the Errata. 

More unfinished notes.

I promise it goes somewhere.
And I only offer ideas.
Nobody has to even listen to any of it.
I know many of you have been serious about this stuff MUCH longer than I.
If nothing else.
After the experiance of cleaning out the various collected minutia of a life time from a couple of difrent garages, storage buildings and such...
I'd sure hate to leave nothing but a pile of half assed notes.
I actually believe that I have a few little things that "I" (monastic lifestyle) haven't seen before.
Maybe one or two are worth passing on?
"I" believe so, and in this equasion "I'm" the variable that counts.
No offence given.


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