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Re: (TFT) Babble

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> From: "Cris Fuhrman" <fuhrmanator@gmail.com>
> Hi Jay,
> On Dec 31, 2007 4:28 PM, Jay Carlisle <selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com>
> wrote:
> > Does any one know the proper term for the brass dealies that went through
> > a hole in a stack of loose-leaf paper, and then you bend down the wings in
> > back to hold the paper together?
> >
> Would it be "brass fasteners" --- I googled images for brass binder office
> supply and modified it to this:
> http://images.google.ca/images?hl=en&safe=off&q=office+supplies+brass+fastener&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
> Some call them brads...

< hides face in shame >
I could have done that!
I I'd have THOUGHT about it!

And I ain't even started drinking yet!
And it's after noon.

< Psssst! >


I did set this up.

Just thought a few pins would be kinda neat.
> > Have you ever thought about making a 7 hex Dragon that "bends" by taking
> > two 4 hex Dragons and joining them together by fastining an end of each
> > together with a 

"Brad"? (LOL)

> Cool idea!

I've managed to scrounge up a Image Converter, so we'll see.
But my stuff is simply examples. 
Until I get that page out the Idea is basicly that useing standard 1/4inch graph paper, each 1/4inch square equals 3&1/4inches in "Reality".

This allows the majority of a Melee Mega-Hex to be drawn on a single page of graph (at this Scale, 1/4:3&1/4) and allows a full Mega-Hex and the majority of the Hexes encircleing it to be drawn on 4 sheets of Graph.

I'm still waiting on my replica catologue but the Idea is that I can use this scale to "fit" things into the game quick and easy.

Oh, and my palm is aprox. 3&1/4" x 3&1/4".

I'm not married to this Scale as others have done significant work on this as well, (paralell development?) but it anit gonna hurt nuffin if'n I throw mine out there as well.

Glad you like the concept though.

Maybe some of our more artistic types can do it some justice.

I'm sure there's a better way than Brads(fasteners).

It seems I'm gonna have to go to one of these new-fangeled ScrapBooking stores.
If they have cheep purforators, then the Deck of Things is gonna have a scaled chit on each card.
Punch it out and place it on the Map if lost/droped.
Place Item(card) in Drop pile.
Retrieving a card from the Drop pile is part of Pick up weapon.

Yada yada yada.


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