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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

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> From: "Ray Rangel" 

Hi Ray.

> As for the GM writing the adventure,
> the plot becomes the goal rather than creating a new environment.
> That, and maintaining the story, NPC, and PC actions true to the
> environment.

I'm curious how you go about this?

 given the abstract nature of the rules, one need only
> basically substitute broad swords with Light Sabers and magic with Jedi mind
> tricks. 

Well this is true.
In antiquity mankind was plagued by goblins from farie and today there are "little green men" from outerspace, etc.

I dig RAHs' Future History, and any game I run, in any genera, fits into one gameworld.
Just on a difrent spot on the Timeline.
This allows a bunch of difrent stuff, but the most obvious is timetravel.
> By the way, has anyone considered ditching the hexes? Using hexes instead of
> squares (like that other game) does make movement smoother and easier.
> However, wouldn't simply converting hexes to inches, mega hexes to three
> inches, and using a ruler be the smoothest movement of all?

Not if you've been to a miniatures wargame tournament.
Lots of arguements about movement.
Engagement and facing become questions of judgement.
This style works better as an option for mass combat IMO.
Also the hex is useful as an area of effect.
A Unit of 100 wizards can make some BIG booms.
Then there is the use of hexes as production units, which saves a ton of bookkeeping as much Downtime production can be handeled "in hex".

Anyway, this isn't ment to argue against your ideas.
I'm just babbeling about my own.

Now, as far as SciFi TFT goes.
Wasn't TFT always SciFi?
What about the Mechanicians Guild, or Security Station?
Plus TFT was ment to be universal.
What CAN'T TFT run?

Thank goodness for Coffee!

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