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Grids, Yes or No, was: (TFT) SciFi TFT

I've been miniatures gaming for 20+ years. Sure there are arguments. However
it depends a lot on the type of game, who's playing , and how the game is
run. There, by a vast majority, games a conventions that are played by good
sports and good GMs.

Playing D&D for the last four or five years, I've seen percentage of
arguments as in miniatures gaming.

My personal preferences for RPGing, in order, are: no miniatures, no grid,
hex grid, and square grid.

Ray Rangel

> > By the way, has anyone considered ditching the hexes? Using hexes
> instead of
> > squares (like that other game) does make movement smoother and
> easier.
> > However, wouldn't simply converting hexes to inches, mega hexes to
> three
> > inches, and using a ruler be the smoothest movement of all?
> Not if you've been to a miniatures wargame tournament.
> Lots of arguements about movement.
> Engagement and facing become questions of judgement.
> This style works better as an option for mass combat IMO.
> Also the hex is useful as an area of effect.
> A Unit of 100 wizards can make some BIG booms.
> Then there is the use of hexes as production units, which saves a ton
> of bookkeeping as much Downtime production can be handeled "in hex".
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