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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

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> From: "Joe Hartley" 
> I always felt Security Station was more about the incongruity of basically
> medeival men in the future rather than real sci-fi.

Fair enough Joe.
SS is a fish out of water tale in the fassion of A Conneticut Yankee.
But the SciFi equipment is still available to the players and therefore the thing scales from fantasy through SciFi in handeling the equipment and weapons at least.
>  Wasn't Starleader:Assault supposed to be
> a scifi extention for TFT?  I'll have to do some research....

I got a bunch of old game stuff (knock-off but they didn't know) for Christmas.

I'd compleatly missed Dragons of the Underearth.
I'd never even heard of it.

I'll have to poke about some.


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