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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

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> From: "David O. Miller" 
> There are games, of course, that do not lend themselves to using 
> miniatures. Cthulhu is one that readily springs to mind (as Tim can 
> attest). Since that game is all about mood I want the adventure to 
> play out in the imagination of the player, not on the game board. 
> That's a case (IMHO) where miniatures destroy the mood by putting 
> the focus on the set up and not the story.

Very, VERY good point here.

Also, thanks for the info!
Once I grab a digital camera I'll have to send you a pic of the balsa wood models I'd made for ships.

Of course that was before I learnd of constructable card games.
See the Wizkids site for some examples.

I imedatly wrote up "Pocket Armys" (based off '300') and sent it off.
I got a cease and dissest order and a pissy job offer in the same week.
So after "Pocket Castles" and "Pocket Seige" I got to thinking about my system for putting equipment on Index Cards.
Why not include a scaled counter on the card that can be punched out and placed on the map when droped, and replaced when picked up?
Then I found out about what the Scrapbookers have been up to.
I'd been doing all this in AutoCad 13.
It turns out that there are now stencel cutting machines that can do just this kind of thing.
So one of the products I'll be pushing at the Cons this year are "Deck of (Things)" where Things are Armour, Weapons, etc.

We'll see...


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