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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

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> From: "David O. Miller" 

> (That is of course if everyone on this list does indeed shower. 
> Don't give me that gamers funk! Somehow, judging from the 
> intelligent conversation on this list however, that wouldn't apply 
> to any of ya'll right?  ;^)

< pulls self from prone possition on the floor back into chair >


< catches breath >

This reminds me of a story from the MIT AI lab.
In the early 70's, two of the biggest movers and shakers at the lab were Alan Gosper (I'm not worthy! Life master! I've now got celluar automa for Deep Downtime. For things like forrest growth/resession, and the like.), and Richard Greenblat.
When these guys were on a roll with a project they would work 2 or 3 days straight, then find a corner, catch a few winks, and get right back at it.
Aparently it got to the point that a few people had bedrolls up in the acoustic cealing.
Well Richard had a habit of rubbing his palms together while working.
Have you ever done this with dirty hands?
These little rolls of grey-black dirt fall off.
Well when Gosper would sit down to work and see this stuff all over the desk or table or what have you, he'd freak out and start bitching about all the "Blatties" that Greenblat was leaving all over the place while spraying the surface down with clenser.

If I make GenCon I promise to shower before I leave the house.


I must be tired cause this has slayed me.
I can't stop giggleing.


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