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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

> > RPGs are terrible simulators. Come on, think about it, first off
> there are
> > only three basic attributes, you are using dice with only six sides,
> the
> > damage caused by weapons is grossly approximated...need I go on? Ok,
> > movement is in five foot chunks, there is no time scale between
> combats.
> Terrible?
> Really?
> Why play?

What I probably should have said is that RPGs are terribly inaccurate
simulators. But they don't have to be to be entertaining and fun. Which
answers your question, "Why play?"

> Six sided dice can generate any curve that other regular polyhedrials
> can.

No they can't. Adding more d6's only smoothes the curve (makes it more bell
shaped) but does nothing to change the shape. Besides, we are talking within
the context of TFT which uses only uses a limited number of d6's rolled
against a modified target. The point is that the granularity of the
"simulation" is very rough. Ranges, attributes, time, and space are
"Chunky." But "Chunky" is exactly the right level of abstraction for a
simple game like "Melee", "Wizard", and TFT.

> Address Zeno before complaining about "chunks" of movement.

I wasn't complaining...I was making an observation about the architecture of
the game design.

> TFT DOES give a time scale.

TFT provides a time scale for combat. As in most RPGs, there is combat time
and travel time. Travel time is quite up to the GM.

> Most of what you have to say is right on, but your off on this.
> IMO.

That's what forums are for; the free exchange of IMO's.

> I'll grant it isn't a simulation that produces Scintificly accurate
> data.
> It's a simulation that let's you live out your thoughts and dreams of
> other lifes or exestiances.

Exactly my point.

> Again, what is Story susposed to mean if it's the players choices that
> generate the action?

??? I don't understand this comment ???

> A GM can't write a traditional "Story" and run a game based on it w/o
> forceing the players to conform to the GM's story.
> This goes against the interactive nature of RPG's.
> If your gonna force me to fit my character into YOUR view of your
> world, I figure that's an NPC.

Many adventures are written is such as way as to lead the players through
various encounters to a climatic conclusion. No matter what choices the
party makes, they will all end up, one way or another, in the same place.
Many adventures offer obvious choices which are diverging paths that may
contain different encounters and NPCs, but the paths will rejoin and
continue on toward the plot's conclusion.

As for conforming to the GM's story, well of course they have to
conform...that's why they are playing the game. The players want to
participate in the GM's story or they wouldn't be sitting at the table. If
the game takes place in a space station, I don't expect people to generate
dwarves with crossbows and axes. I expect them to arrive with characters
that are compatible with the game that everyone else is expecting to play.
The game is a cooperative effort between all of the participants.

A good GM can weave a tale that sucks involves the PCs and manipulates them
so that the plot is furthered without obvious strain. Events and decisions
appear natural. logical and keep the players moving toward the culmination
of the adventure or campaign.

I don't take any of this give-and-take personally and hope no one else does
either. It is beneficial to exchange views and to disagree with them. It's
ok if you call the opinions I express bunk, foolish, or even stupid and
silly. I realize that you are talking about the idea expressed and not me
personally. I sincerely hope that you and other readers are of a similar
mind set.
Ray Rangel
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