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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

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> From: "Ray Rangel" 
> RPGs are terrible simulators. Come on, think about it, first off there are
> only three basic attributes, you are using dice with only six sides, the
> damage caused by weapons is grossly approximated...need I go on? Ok,
> movement is in five foot chunks, there is no time scale between combats.

Why play?

Six sided dice can generate any curve that other regular polyhedrials can.

I've addressed damage.

Address Zeno before complaining about "chunks" of movement.

TFT DOES give a time scale.

Most of what you have to say is right on, but your off on this.

I'm not trying to be contincious here Ray, but if a RPG isn't a "simulation" of sorts, then what is it?

I'll grant it isn't a simulation that produces Scintificly accurate data.
It's a simulation that let's you live out your thoughts and dreams of other lifes or exestiances.

If I was gonna rob a bank, I'd simulate it via RPG first.

A well designed RPG can generate hellacious good screenplays for action film.

Again, what is Story susposed to mean if it's the players choices that generate the action?

A GM can't write a traditional "Story" and run a game based on it w/o forceing the players to conform to the GM's story.
This goes against the interactive nature of RPG's.
If your gonna force me to fit my character into YOUR view of your world, I figure that's an NPC.

I'm not saying you would do that.

But this point makes no sense too me.

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