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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

> You seem to be very eager to tell me...and everyone else... how to
> play TFT, which is something you shouldn't do.

Not really. I can only offer my personal viewpoint, my personal preferences
and relate how *I* play the game. How other people play is quite up to
them--how could it be otherwise? Is it wrong to make personal observations
and comment on what I think is the capacity of the game architecture? Does
making those observations make anyone do anything they don't want to?

I haven't told *anyone* what they should do, rather I've offered some
alternative perspectives and observations. I was under the impression that
open discussion is what mail lists are for; even when the correspondents
sometimes disagree. I tell people about my opinion and they tell me about
theirs and, hopefully, we all learn some new things in the process.
> TFT started as a wargame; Wizard and Melee are hardly anything but.
> I play it that way.  You don't need my permission to use the TFT
> rules in any way that you wish.

I've said the very same thing in another thread. The question at hand,
though, is about whether the hex grid is necessary or not. Is the character
of the game, whether played as a straight skirmish game or a Lite RPG,
substantailly changed by the presence or absence of the grid? Perhaps the
character of the game is in the level of abstraction, turn sequence, the
character generation, weapons characteristics, and damage allocation rather
than in the method of measuring distances.

> To decouple TFT from it's wargame roots would be to assume that
> everyone wants to use TFT as a full-blown roleplaying game.

I disagree. First off, it doesn't mean that *everyone* has to, or wants to,
play the game in the same manner. Secondly, "decoupling" Melee from the hex
grid doesn't make it less off a wargame, only less of a board game. Besides,
how could anyone "decouple" anything? None of us own the copyrights, so all
we can do is invent some house rules if changes are desired. 

Ray Rangel
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