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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

Perhaps I was not clear. I was *not* comparing hexes to squares in any of my
posts. The comparison has been between using a grid of any kind and using a
ruler with *no* grid.

> No, you are simply wrong.  Hexes are superior.  Here are 3 reasons why:
> 1)  If I want to measure diagonal distances relatively accurately, I
> can't do that with squares.  I can with hexes.

Your confusion concerning squares aside, I maintain that in a miniatures
game accurate measurement may be important. In this RPG, close is good

> 2)  If I want to regulate and easily quantify areas of effect, i can
> do that with hexes.  This is almost impossible to do with squares
> (unless you are fond of including things like "half squares" or
> "quarter squares").

Again, confusion over squares aside, the area of effect is approximate in an
RPG. If the GM thinks you're close enough to get hit, he/she can darn well
roll a die to decide.

> 3)  The veracity of the simulation is relevant to the accuracy of the
> measurements used.  I.e. the more I have to fudge things like
> distances, the less plausible the game is.

RPGs are terrible simulators. Come on, think about it, first off there are
only three basic attributes, you are using dice with only six sides, the
damage caused by weapons is grossly approximated...need I go on? Ok,
movement is in five foot chunks, there is no time scale between combats.
David, TFT are very simple rules intended to give a very, very, rough
approximation of events. Basically just barely enough to support suspension
of disbelief to further the plot and have a little fun. Besides, how
"plausible" is a simulator that has elves, ogres and trolls running around?
The GM's objective is to get players to buy into the imaginary environment
in spite of its implausibility.

TFT is simply not designed to support any sort of "simulation". "Melee" is a
quick and dirty little pocket game as is "Wizard". ITL sort of bolted the
two together for a very bare bones, beer and pretzels RPG. Trying to make
TFT into a "simulator" is trying to make a purse out of a sow's ear.

If simulation is your goal and you want a more crunchy game, I would suggest
GURPS might be what you are looking for. A fine game in its own right and
with a design that supports adding all the detailed simulation you care to.
I have the Fourth edition books and they well worth the money. You'll be
much happier and more successful than trying to take this Model T to

> David Jackson

Ray Rangel
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