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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

I don't think that they are superior, simply different. As has been said, I
think it would give the game a different "feel" in much the same way that
strategic board games played on a hex map have a different feel than
miniatures games played on terrain tables. While I do like the map and
counters for Melee, especially when I travel, I also like setting up terrain
and playing miniatures games.

Melee is one component of TFT. It is the combat system. The hex map is one
component of Melee. I don't think that the RPG experience would
substantially change, only the combat. And, at that, only the way it's
represented on the table.

The main advantages to a grid, be it square or hex, is that it portable and
quick. I don't need to lug about boxes of model trees, flocked battle mats,
foam hills, and card buildings if I use a map. What's more, I can make the
same map represent many different "rooms". I unfold it an lay it out and I'm
playing. I can quickly go from encounter to encounter on the same piece of

On the other hand, I can build a model castle like the one that World Works
sells and play out a exploration scenario. Of course I don't need to use
miniature terrain. I can use miniatures for characters and monsters and use
a roll of butcher paper and simply draw terrain features with markers.

I guess it all depends on the look and feel that is desired and the style of
play. For myself, I prefer that most battles occur in the players
imaginations and don't use maps and figures at all. However there are those
circumstances when it is appropriate to use visual aids in which case, I
would prefer a free form map or play mat with drawn features and no grid.

For my part, when the GM says that a monster attacks me from the rear, there
is no question about it. The miniatures and the method used to visualize
their spatial relationship to each other is only an aid to the GM telling
the story and running the game. So, I guess what I'm saying is that
measurements don't have to be accurate when using Melee as an adjunct to TFT
as a role playing game. That, I think, is completely different than Melee
taken on its own as a board game.

> There are many reasons that hexes are superior - the biggest one
> being that measurements are far more accurate.
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