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(TFT) John Carter of Mars

Does anyone on the list happen to have a copy of either the Heritage
Miniatures rulebook for John Carter of Mars, or of the TSR Warriors of
Mars rulebook?  

I have been re-reading my John Carter books lately, after running into a
volume of the series I did not have in a random bookstore.  A little
internet investigating brought out that the two aforementioned games and
the (much better) SPI boxed game are the only versions of John
Carter/Barsoom out there.  Obviously it would work great as a Fantasy
Trip setting-- can't you just picture the three-hex, four armed green
Martians already?  But I would like to back-fill with some info from the
older books if possible.  Just looking for text/photocopies/scans, not
to purchase.  These are all too rare and too expensive for my humble

In my wanderings I also found that Pixar has picked up rights and begun
development of a trilogy of John Carter films, scheduled for release
starting in 2012.  Just great:  a talking Woola played by John Candy. 
There is probably a whole _other_ thread about what Pixar is likely to
do with John Carter to make it palatable to the 21st century.  :-)  

David Peterson
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