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Re: (TFT) Story

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> From: ErolB1
> In fact, proper levels of production and efficient distribution are what
> cause the problem: From the point of view of the NPCs (and PCs) in 
> the game world,
> it's a Good Thing for magic to be cheap and plentiful due to
> practical-but-unromantic methods of doing things that produce more 
> stuff for less cost and
> effort. It's only a problem for the GM and players, looking down on the world
> from their godlike vantage - and not seeing things done in the emotionally
> satisfying "traditional" ways.

I think we're on the same sheet of music here.
My point with Campaigns is that this can be acomplished through the design of the gameworld itself.
Consider a traditional Medival setting.
At a minimum, 60% of the population is engaged in nothing but agraculture, if not then the Population begins to starve.
Thats 6 out of every 10 people accounted for from the get go.
Out of the remaining 4, you have to man any production and services in the area.
This dosen't leave much labor for anything, much less a big project like industral production of..., well, ANYTHING.
And then, of course, if the Players arn't in a possistion in the power structure of the area to command resources and labor, then the point is moot anyway.
Also, forcing the Playes to deal with simple details, like transportation of thier product, are adventure opertunities in themselves that a GM dosn't have to PLOT.
These opertunities are generated by the situation set up by the GM during the creation of the gameworld, which encompasses the Campaign.
The idea here is that the Campaign can be designed in such a way that issues of Industral Disease have no opertunity of croping up.

Unless the Players are willing to pass a few Generations to wait for the gameworld to develop to the point that they can do the industral thing.

As you get a new Tech in Civ (example) then new Talents often become available.

That kinda thing...


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