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RE: (TFT) Story

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> From: "Ray Rangel" 
> I think I understand your concept. 

Thank goodness!
Lord knows I'm not a writer, as I've amplly proved by this point, but until I've gotten this concept across then a LOT of my stuff simplly makes no sense.
No context.
But as you so eloquently pointed out, the terminology is inadaquite at best when trying to discuss a "new" idea or concept.
The challenge of communication is complicated ten-fold when it's text alone.
> I think what you're trying to do, in your game universe, is what Einstein
> tried to do in the real world...develop an equation representing a unified
> theory of everything. I hope you fare better than he did.

And to take it a bit further, a "static" Campaign requires something like a Cosmological Constant to try and keep the Universe (model actually) in one state.
The problem there was an assumption.
The Universe is stationary.

Steve Jackson is the Einstein here.
I'm one of the Mathmaticans that got a hold of his stuff and worked it over until Einstein couldn't even recognize it anymore.


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