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RE: (TFT) Story - evolution, or Melee writ LARGE

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> From: "John J Hyland" 
> If it works it would be cool, like MELEE is cool, but sort of 
> different from most RPG campaigns with which I am familiar. Also, 
> really hard to accomplish I think.
> John

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It works.
It's very rough, but it works.

One of the great things about TFT was it's presentation of a Tactical Combat system.
At that time, a game of D&D was significantly diffrent from one DM to the next, however with TFT, if you learned the rules then Combat pretty much became a constant no matter who was GMing.
For the first time, we were all playing the same game.

Can there be a similar structure for Campaigns?

At first it'd appear that this isn't possable.
When the only limits are the imagination of the GM what can be said that would be valad across the board?

Well, I think I've figured out a few things that may help do for a Campaign world what TFT did for Combat.

I've been very concerned with issues of playability, and while I HAVE introduced more complexity in the innital design process for Campaigns, I have gone to some length to eliminate additional "bookkeeping" chores for the GM.
GM's are players too, and a Player shouldn't have to devote a part-time jobs worth of time each week in preperation for play.
I know that what I've been babbeling about sounds very complex, and that's largely my fault, but now that it seems that one of my key concepts has been comunicated I feel that I can post information that will now be understood in light of my overall goal, rather than putting out a ton of info with no apparent point.
I'm not assuming that anybody agrees with me, but at least I think the focus of all this is a bit clearer now, and folks can judge based off of the overall goal, rather than just sit back and wonder what the hell I'm talking about and why am I doing all this?

At least now I can be chastised for my actual ideas, rather than on a misunderstanding of my purpose.
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