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RE: (TFT) Story - evolution, or Melee writ LARGE

------ "Ray Rangel"  wrote:---------------------------------
> Call me Slartibartfast, but a Campaign requires a game world that is as
> dynamic and growable as the Figures that inhabit it.

I think what you're trying to do, in your game universe, is what Einstein
tried to do in the real world...develop an equation representing a unified
theory of everything. I hope you fare better than he did.

I think I get it now.  Assuming Ray is right, and ,Jay, please correct me if I am wrong, I think you are trying to create Melee writ large as an RPG.

Allow me to elaborate: In an arena (using Melee and Wizard) everything is clearly spelled out on the ap and char sheets and in the rules.  There is no need for anyone to make a judgement call.  If my wizard rolls under his dx, I get to add a BEAR counter to the map (within the mega-megahex of the wizard) no one needs to know if it is an image, illusion, or summoning other than the caster.  Evryone else just gets to react to the new input.

So write large, the player running Voldemort (who may be the GM, but it does not matter, since there is no judgement required) does what he does, and the rest of the world just reacts to the new inputs.  The characters as they see fit, and the rest of the world in accordance with the rules, or the alchemical equations (to borrow Rays phrase), or the programming in Civ, or Dominions 3.

If it works it would be cool, like MELEE is cool, but sort of different from most RPG campaigns with which I am familiar. Also, really hard to accomplish I think.


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