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Re: (TFT) Story - industrial staticism

-- "Jay Carlisle"--------------------------

Industrial Disease, as I understand it, is a concept dealing with overproduction and the inefficient distribution of World resources Globally.

Not on this list.

Some time in the dim and distant past the term Industrial Disease showed up on the list to describe taking the limited details spelled out in the rules to their illogical extremes (and sometimes logical ones).

Usually it involves GATE spells.  Like the idea that a bunch of gates set up in just the right way could be used to launch a satelite into orbit.  Or to create an ICBC (intercontinental balistic catapult).  Or suggesting that castles would goaway because a wizard could use a gate to open a lava flow over the castle.  Or setting up gates with things falling between them to create a vacuum, etc.

Similar (though less extreme) examples can come from the economic data in the books, or the magic item  creation stuff.  See the recent discussion of lamp oilvs magic lights.

That is what we mean by industrial disease here on the list.

we all like our campaign worlds to change and grow over time (as far as I know) we just don't always want the dwarvish forge to be fanned by a giant system of vaccuum chambers created by a series of gates, nor do we want a wizard to gate a gomet into an opponent's castle. 


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