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RE: (TFT) Story

> Call me Slartibartfast, but a Campaign requires a game world that is as
> dynamic and growable as the Figures that inhabit it.


I think I understand your concept. I've played in several different
campaigns in several different systems. I've GMed some too. Every single one
of them was a story with a plot. The campaign is typically regarded to be a
series of linked episodes taking the PC from the rumor of strange happenings
in the old castle through the logical conclusion. At that point the PCs are
filed into their respective three ring binders and or file cabinets until
needed for another campaign.

The term is defined in Webster's as a series of events undertaken to achieve
a specific goal. Which is the definition used in every history book I've
read. Please understand that I don't disagree with your having a continously
evolving setting that is independent of your characters. I actually find the
concept somewhat intriguing. I don't think that the term "campaign"
represents what you want to accomplish.

Building such a complex and evolving universe is one thing, maintaining it
is quite another. I think you are trying to figure out the mechanics of
evolution so that you don't have to pre-define the setting. If I get this
right, you want to be able to pick anywhere along a time line, apply your
alchemic evolutionary formulas to generate a setting in which the PC can
operate. The results of the actions of the PCs become factors in the magic
formula and the universe chugs on...and on....and on...

I think what you're trying to do, in your game universe, is what Einstein
tried to do in the real world...develop an equation representing a unified
theory of everything. I hope you fare better than he did.
Ray Rangel
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