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Re: (TFT) Story - industrial staticism

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> From: "John J Hyland" 
> Usually it involves GATE spells.  Like the idea that a bunch of 
> gates set up in just the right way could be used to launch a 
> satelite into orbit.  Or to create an ICBC (intercontinental 
> balistic catapult).  Or suggesting that castles would goaway 
> because a wizard could use a gate to open a lava flow over the 
> castle.  Or setting up gates with things falling between them to 
> create a vacuum, etc.

Oh my.
I'm catching flack for that THIS long after the fact?
What was that, seven years ago?
It wasn't even MY thread!
I think it was Michael Taylor.

2 advantages to this type of excersize.

First, by considering ways in which a Player may attempt to create such "things" a GM can design the Campaign in such a way as to block thoses type projects.
A simpel method of acomplishing this is to set the Population of the region at a minimum level for sustance.
No work force, no Mega-project.
Look what the Egyptians did with no Magic or Tech, just one hella-large workforce.

Second, consider that Campaign change I was speaking of.
What would a Magical Spacefareing Culture look like under TFT, as opposed to a Technical Spacetravel Culture?
There is mui-mucho value in that speculation.


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