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Re: (TFT) Economics

Quoting Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu>:

At 22:04 -0500 2/2/08, Erol wrote:
	I can, of course, envision a dichotomy between the nobility,
who might well think long-term in a financial sense, and the common
serfs who simply would never think of doing anything costing so much
at the outset. That would severely limit the market for industrial
magic. I think this argument becomes even more powerful when the
possibility of theft or vandalism is taken into account. Stealing a
lamp, eh, maybe not worth the risk. Stealing a $500 pocketable item,
a bit more attractive.

Makes the economics even weirder. Make a lamp, and make it trackable. Rent it to
a serf. Now you have a credit economy, with all the usual problems inherent in
rent-to-own schemes.
Neil Gilmore
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