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(TFT) Gibal

Okay here are some basic mechanics.

Oh yeah,

Add american Football concepts and then throw in combat and you get my version of Bloadbowl, that I'm calling GiB (guts in bload) Ball, or Gibal.

The point of this is to give examples of how my quantification of Statistics works out in game situations.


Non-Combat movement.
At first blush, TFT's movement system appears to be a poor match for real world data.
My Guiness Books tell me that record speeds for distances of around 400m or less clock in at a little more than 10m per second.

I consider world class sprinters to have the Running Talent.

So I get the following.

TFT turn = 5 seconds
@ ~ 10m per second, 1 turn ~ 50m
50m / 1.3m = 38.5 hexes (rnd)
This is more that X3 faster than Combat speeds.

So a touch of fudgeing gets;
52m covered in 5 seconds is 40 hexes.
This is well within the ballpark.

For Gibal play reasons, I break TFT turns into 1 second rounds.

At MA 12, a round = 10.4m, or 8 hexes of movement.

MA 11 = 7,8,7,8,7 hexes per round,(meaning 7 hexes the first round of the turn, then 8, then 7, etc.) or 37 hexes a turn.
MA 10 = 7 hexes per round, or 35 per turn.
MA 9 = 6,7,6,7,6  32
MA 8 = 6  30

This is not a contradiction (too me) because I am speaking of sprint speeds.
There is no attempt to defend, or attack at these speeds, so I consider Combat movement to remain unchanged, and valid.

At sprint speeds, a Figure gains 1pt fST per round of sprinting, or 5 fST per turn.
Each time a Figure exceeds it's total ST in fST it gains a Fatigue Level (FL).
A Figure may not exceed it's ST -1 in FLs w/o a successful IQ (will) check for each attempt.
For each FL, a Figure suffers -1 to its MA and to all rolls it attempts while exausted.
A Figure regains 1pt fST per turn that it rests.
Example: Joe Average (MA 10) sprints @ 7 hexes a round and can maintain this pace for 2 turns, or 10 seconds, before suffering his first FL, and will continue to suffer a FL every 2 turns for 18 turns, or 90 seconds of sprinting before maxing his FLs.
It then takes Joe 90 turns, or 7.5 min, to fully recover.
Any fST aquired from will (IQ) checks is treated as normal Damage.

According to Sports Science a 0.5 second delay in reaction from the starting line can result in around 3 feet of seperation.
This "jump start" is seperate from the above speeds and is represented in the Initative roll.

A Figure may sprint into either of its side hexes (facing) for one additional point of MA and may sprint into its rear hex for two additional points.
(Chad Johnson compleats a 180 in 1/10 of a second, so this is slow)
A Talent for this (Routes, Pattern, Cuts?) would reduce the penalities by 1, allowing side hexes as normal and -1 MA for a 180 turn, and would require Running.

I'll throw some background and pretty words around all this if anyone wants, but for now I'd appreciate a critique of the underlaying mechanics.

Next in line is Opposed Resolutions and then I can get to the fun part.
Picture Giants vs. Hobbits.
As the goal at Chichen Itza is over 6m or around 20ft up, even Giants have to shoot.


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