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Re: (TFT) Economics

> Makes the economics even weirder. Make a lamp, and make it 
> trackable. Rent it to
> a serf. Now you have a credit economy, with all the usual problems inherent in
> rent-to-own schemes. Neil Gilmore

Assuming the pesants have the funds with which too rent.

I think that alot of the Economic problems in TFT boil down to the system being fiat.

If we limit the curency to say 50lbs of silver in the whole County, we can do some niffty stuff when the Players go Dungon Crawling and come out with 25lbs of silver that wasn't in the economy before.
It's kind of funny to give them a big chunk of money that comes with ramifacations.
Being rich can be a real bitch, and can bring a LOT of grief on your head.


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