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Re: (TFT) Story

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selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com writes:

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> > From: ErolB1
> > 
> > In fact, proper levels of production and efficient distribution are what
> > cause the problem: From the point of view of the NPCs (and PCs) in 
> > the game world,
> > it's a Good Thing for magic to be cheap and plentiful due to
> > practical-but-unromantic methods of doing things that produce more 
> > stuff for less cost and
> > effort. It's only a problem for the GM and players, looking down on the 
> world
> > from their godlike vantage - and not seeing things done in the emotionally
> > satisfying "traditional" ways.
> > 
> I think we're on the same sheet of music here.
> My point with Campaigns is that this can be acomplished through the design 
> of the gameworld itself.

Actually I don't think we're on the same sheet of music. Your position, if I 
understand it correctly, is that "industrial magic disease" can be shut down 
by screwing down the economy. My position is that that won't be more than a 
speed bump unless you screw down the economy so hard that it's no longer medieval 
but something much smaller and more primitive. You seem to think that 
"industrial magic" can be avoided in a medieval economy by making people too poor to 
be able to buy magic stuff. I hold that you can't make them that poor - at 
least not with anything that still resembles a medieval economy. I'm singing that 
instead of making people *unable* to buy magic stuff, it's far better (and 
necessary to preserve "medieval") to make them *unwilling* to buy the stuff 
because it doesn't give enough benefit for the cost. 

I think the prices in ITL need adjusting to do this, along with some of the 
other rules (e.g. for Gates). I don't believe that simply changing the number 
of people in the game world or the number of silver coins available will work. 

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