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Re: (TFT) Story

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> Actually I don't think we're on the same sheet of music. Your position, if I
> understand it correctly, is that "industrial magic disease" can be shut down
> by screwing down the economy. My position is that that won't be more than a
> speed bump unless you screw down the economy so hard that it's no 
> longer medieval
> but something much smaller and more primitive. 

Okay, we have a difrent picture of medieval economics.
I view the vast majority of exchange being in mediums of goods and labor rather than curency, with the pesants largely self-sustaining, as in making their own fuel oil.

It seems that you want a bigger economey.

The point I was making about gold is that you can pump a lot of money into the "system", and that still won't fix issues of labor and production.

It took over 2 years to make a good Aisian compound bow.
A whitesmith works tin, and can solder.
A blacksmith works iron, and makes tools including axes and knifes.
It takes a swordsmith to make something better than a spearpoint.

As far as speedbumps go, I suspose that could be considered a weekness of a dynamic Campaign.
Prolonged attacks against the Orcs, for example, can wipe out the Orcs.
That's not for everyone I'm thinking.

The simpelest way to avoid growth is to never raise the focus above a day.
It'd take years of real time to play out much shorter periods of gametime.

> I think the prices in ITL need adjusting to do this, along with some of the
> other rules (e.g. for Gates). I don't believe that simply changing the number
> of people in the game world or the number of silver coins available will work.

Okay, I'm hearing that genetic Adam was around 60,000 years ago.
That's 3,000 generations. (x10 Ulsher?)
Assuming this, the reason seems to have something to do with a mass extenction event (flood?) that reduced human population down to around 2000 people.
Your Adam.
You've got 2000 people to care for, because I'm the kinda jerk that's gonna make you feed them.
You've got rocks and wood.
I'll be nice and let you know about fire.
Of course there are a few other groups of hominids running around in about the same shape as y'all, compeating for the same resources.
If any of those tribes survive, your people will end up calling them Orcs, and Goblins, and Dwarves, etc.
("Why arn't there any Hobbits in your game?" "Cause y'all wiped 'em out 15 generations ago.")
Even knowing all this, how long until you can build things up to the point of "Industrial Disease"?

Change, and progress was built into the medieval culture.
Fighting something is one of the strongest adknowledgments of its existance.
We are proof of that cultures change.
To focus a Campaign on the medieval world is to focus on a window of time with both a beginning and end.
To use the medieval culture as a model for a speculative culture is fine, but the corospondance is not always one to one.

The model I'm useing for Campaigns is defintly, uhhhh, non-traditional?
It probably raises as many problems as it addresses, but I can do some stuff with it that I find really intresting, and haven't had complaints about play.

Check this out.
The average U.S. home has about 400lbs of copper.
Useing my method, Bronze Age swords litterly become "plowshares".
Or Computers, or Cell Phones, or....


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