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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #1006

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> From: "Marc Gacy" 
> Here's another friendly reminder to everyone to please clip posts. 
> It  make Digests very long and confusing.
 I'm still trying to understand Jay's comments 
> regarding scale,  but I think I'll rescind my comment about the LOU 
> turn being too long.

< sinp example >

Mr. G.
Good instincets on the time call.
72 Melee Turns is pretty shallow here.

Try this.

A narrow hall is 4m which is one Mega-hex in Melee. (I care about the TFT side of all of this)
This allows Figure to Figure combat w/o space restrictions (cealing?) so we'll use it instead of 1m tunnels.

Bring up Mr. Fhurmans Simulator and match the Figures as closely as possable.
Set Simulator to VERBOSE output.
That'll help you average the length of each seperate combat.
2.5 turns-ish per is near 30 or so individual combats in 72 consecutive turns.
No movement or anything else, just combats.

I've written up something on this on the Laptop (remember Jay's laptop? Jay can crash the heck outta a machine these days it seems)
I'll try to have something on it this weekend.

Knock on wood.


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