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(TFT) Errata

I managed to garner a couple o days fanny time and this is some of the weirdness that poped up while messing with this stuff.

Volcanic ash ~ 6X heaver than wet snow

Meteor Crater ~ 1 cubic mile of rock thrown
Santorini ~ 50 cubic miles

X-bow ~ 138ft per sec, pierce armor @ 200yds
Adel-adel ~ 60mph over 100yrds

Vulcan MGN 6000rpm = 500 rounds per Melee turn.

Horse w/wagon ~ 12 to 15mph
Wagon = 4'8.5" wheel base.
This has been true since old Rome, and carries through to modern railroad tracks.

Silk is considered fireproof but a diamond will burn around 1500deg F.

If a tree falls in the woods and there's no PC's around to hear...

1 human body ~ 60 days food (Donner party info)

Ramjets "Aroura" ~ 8000mph

~25 cups of coffee per hour for 4 hours will kill Joe Average.

I think of repeating decamels in the hex scale like polymers.

Top speeds for downhill skiers and estimates of max fall speeds for humans are both around 140mph, can I use this as a figure for air resistance?

A Figure with hand weapon and shield would have a chit 4 X 5 squares on the Square-hex map with a centerpoint (head) marked 1 square up and 1.5 squares to the right of the bottom-left corner of the chit.
This is for a right-handed Figure and the "extra" space to the right of it's centerpoint marks the reach of the Figures right arm.
W/O any weapon.
Adjust for height, left handed or no shield.


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