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Re: (TFT) Energy decrease in explosions

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> From: pvk
> Um, no? You can assert the philisophical truthiness of "energy is energy"
> but it doesn't imply that psi is a unit of measure for energy, nor that
> psi or energy directly equate to damage.

Fair enough Peter,
Maybe I'd better eludicate a bit more.

The data that I get off these shows like Mythbusters, and Sports/Fight Science tend to measure force in psi, ergo my use of it.

I believe I did these for 200lbs but it'll give an idea.

200psi ~ 0.36 hp or ~ 65 calories or ~ 10,000 newtons or ~ 270 Watts or ~ 270 joules or ~ 0.25 BTU's or...

Now I repeat.

Jays math is not to be trusted, not to mention my reasoning, hells bells don't trust me at all.
But I'm pretty sure I can convert force to a bunch of diffrent units.

Of course Maou Tsaou is a Chineese term for a Scolar who, having failed, gives himself over to wine.

I'm more concerned with the valadity of the idea than with the actual figure for 1pt dam at this point.

Thanks for your thoughts Peter.


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