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(TFT) Wonderful Website and a ? or 2

Howdy Fellow warriors and wizards!
    I am so glad to have found this website and you great people and fans of "The Fantasy Trip", and my thanks to you all for keeping my favorite game alive all these years. I have always loved this game and even though my life has not permitted me to play as often as 
  I wanted, at least I could play the solo adventures when I could not find others to join me.
    At one point while I was in the Navy my car was stolen and I lost most of my gaming 
  materials including my TFT collection, most of which was 1st edition and 1st printing. I 
  was able to replace most things back then and for not much more than I had originally
  paid, but there were a few items that were never replaced due to availability. Some items 
  replaced were also incomplete, but it was better than not having that item at all.
    My heartfelt THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the author and the owner of this website, 
  and also to all those supporting it. Thanks to this website I now have not only back-up
  files for the things I have, but I am able to replace lost/missing components, or in the 
  case of at least "Security Station" MQ5, the whole thing which I had thought lost 
    Sorry if I seem to be rambling, but I have not been this excited in years about any game.
  Two questions :  
    1) Is anyone still looking for Mr. Thompson? Just curious if there is still active search.
    2) Is there a PDF anywhere for the "Wizard" or "Orb Quest" maps??
  I have the physical maps but I would like a back-up in the computer as insurance, 
  should anything ugly happen to them.  God forbid!!! 
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