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(TFT) Test Drive TFQ

Howdy, Gents,

I'd like to invite you all to test-drive my new rules, The Fantasy Quest.
Melee.  As you might imagine from the title, these rules were inspired by my
love for TFT ever since I discovered TFT Melee in a mall game store while
visiting Monroe, WI in 1978.  I've tweaked and tinkered with TFT and related
products for the past 30 years, and I finally decided to send my own rules to
market (as long as they pass the "sniff-test" with you veterans).

The Fantasy Quest. (TFQ) Melee is the one of four rulebooks which I'll release
simultaneously, along with TFQ Wizards, TFQ Adventure & TFQ Foes.  If these
initial releases take hold, I plan to follow-up with many other sourcebooks
such as TFQ Campaigns, TFQ Supers, TFQ Battles, TFQ Universe, TFQ Pirates,
etc..., as well as settings like TFQ Greece, TFQ Britain, and so on.

One thing I don't intend to publish is adventure material.  I think you'll
find that the Dark City Games gang are doing a super job of that, and I hope
they continue for years to come.  TFQ should be completely compatible with
their adventures.  Additionally, the TFQ website will be a place for you to
post your own adventures to share with others players.  The TFQ website is
currently under development and will be launched sometime this year prior to
the release of TFQ in stores.

I think you will find TFQ's systems and mechanics to be easy-to-learn,
quick-to-play, and find that they elegantly handle most of the elements of
fantasy combat that us old TFT'ers have come to desire.  Light on boring
details, heavy with options.

If you are interested in receiving a play-test copy of TFQ Melee, please email
me directly at Gavin.Gossett@comcast.net.  A few of you offered to playtest
TFQ a while back (mid '07?), but the "family" PC where that correspondence was
stored has since given-up-the-ghost.  Please contact me again and I'll send
out rule-books for you and your players immediately.

Thank you all for reading, and (hopefully) for your playtesting and

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Gavin Gossett
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