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(TFT) fatigue and death

  I have noticed a lot of objections to the TFT way of Wizards casting spells and being
  weakened to the point that even a minor blow can be fatal. I for one used to be highly
  irritated that a wizard, after casting a couple of spells, was only one well placed banana
  peel away from certain death. 
     I do believe ST should be handled differently for wizards and heroes. They use strength
  in different ways. Conan can wield a great sword easily, but even were he to learn some 
  spells, he would be more fatigued by casting them than would a wizard.  Gandalf was 
  certainly an extremely powerful wizard and wields magic the way a conducter waves his
  baton leading an orchestra.  However, Gandalf could barely pick up Conan's favorite 
  sword let alone swing it in battle without hurting himself.
    Now about the banana peel- fatigue kills!! A person can exhert themselves to the 
  point of death. Having been in the military I am well aquainted with the concepts of 
  fatigue and injururies, and the causes and effects. It is not always possible to say 
  why one person lived with a horenndous injury/wound that would have killed most
  people (except that God does intervene), or why someone else died with a relatively
  minor injury/wound. Both cases happen. In the latter case, many times if a person
  has been heavily exerting himself and is quite fatigued, even an injury that is not 
  normally life threatening can induce shock. Shock if not treated rapidly is a KILLER!!
  Just ask anyone in the Emergency Medical Fields -- they are stressed to do two major
  things -- 1) stop bleeding and 2) treat for and try to prevent shock!
    The good news is fatigue damage is easier and faster to recover, and just requires 
  rest. Bad news!! Wounds and injuries can heal from rest but at a much slower rate,
  and usually even require some kind of 1st aid and/or medical attention to get the
  healing process started.
     So yes the Wizard who has cast a few spells can die from a minor wound, and so
  can that Hero/Fighter who has been exerting himself to the point of fatigue.
    Thinking about these things also made me think about Heroes using spells and 
  Wizards using weapons.  As for Heroes casting spells, consider increasing the ST
  cost by 2-3pts plus an extra 1pt/turn to maintain spells.  For Wizards (except for
  ST 8-9 weapons)  they should have ST at least 3-4 pts higher than "required" to 
  use a particular weapon with a -2DX and at least 5-6pts higher for -1DX and 7pts
  higher to enjoy swinging non wizardly weapons with no penalties!! 
    A Hero's ST is muscle more than anything, and for a Wizard it is mental and
  physical stamina as opposed to being musclebound. This means even a wizard
  with Sword Talent and ST 12  is not going to easily handle a "silver" broadsword,
  but that "silver" Rapier will be no problem.
    I hope this makes some sense to somebody and balances things out a little.
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