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(TFT) RE Active Defense Block

I know that TFT has it's minor little flaws on defense. but the system overall is pretty
  well balanced. Consider this, a "melee" turn is only five seconds long. Repeat a "melee
  turn" is ONLY 5 SECONDS, and it takes 12 "turns" to equal ONE MINUTE of time.
  There is only so much action (or reaction) that can take place in 5 seconds. 
     While some of ya'lls suggestions sound good at first, when you think about them 
  logically within the time frame we are dealing with, they become less feasible. The 
  TFT Melee/Wizard rules about combat actions/options are pretty well balanced, 
  and remember one of the beauties of TFT was being SIMPLE, and some of the 
  suggestions being made seem to be (in my humble opinion) complex and way
  to intricate. At some point you are no longer playing TFT but some other game 
     Yes, I think shields could be done differently and should block attacks, not
  just absorb damage,but there are talents that allow parrying and using two weapons 
  as well as increased damage or chances of successful attacks. However long
  5 seconds sounds, it is really a very short period of time. Those of you who practice 
  archery-- take a friend with a stop watch and see how many shots you can take in 
  one minute, while aiming mind you!!  You won't even be under pressure of actually 
  being in combat. After you do this post how many shots you got off in that minute 
  that actually hit the target! 
                                                                            Sincerely & Humbly, 
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