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Re: (TFT) Do you remember the first time you played?

> Do you remember the first time you played? 


The Spring of the year I turned 16.  Larry, Robert and Robbie
and I were planning a two week cycling trip.  Being gamers we had a
dilemma, how to pack light but still get an adventure or two in on rest
days?  That weekend I was prowling the local hobby shop aisles and
saw Melee on the little rack where they kept their limited selection of
comics.  I looked over the little envelope and was intrigued.  I
ended up getting Ogre, Melee and Death Test that day and our TFT
adventures began the next weekend, after I had a chance to get familiar
with the rules and die horribly in DT several times solo.   We
played a few straight up arena battles and then I ran them through Death
Test as a group.  Great fun.

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