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(TFT) Do you remember the first time you played?

Do you remember the first time you played?

My regular Dungeon Master said "We're not playing D&D"

I am immediately offended. He's got some new flimsy little game
with like
three dice and a booklet that's smaller than a TV guide. "Do
you know how much
money I just spent on these D&D books?"

He shows me the Hand of the Jedi Widow Washer and stays
on message. "We're
just going to do some Melee fights today. We still
play D&D." I Narrow my eyes
at him.

 I can't believe how easy I am to manipulate. But yeah, we
played, and it was
fun. I mean he shifted into my side hex for a free
attack that first game, but
I never let it happen again I promise.

So every afternoon when we got out of school we would go to his
house, each
make a bowl of Ice Cream and play a round or two of Melee.
Soon we added his
younger brother, and then another friend. A month
later we were all experts.

When he announced he was staring up a Melee campaign
permanently we all nodded
enthusiastically. I mean how much longer we
would put up with that broken old
game system called D&D I don't
know. I mean in D&D one could have eighteen
double zero strength
and only one hit point. It just didn't make any sense at

David Michael Grouchy II

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