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Re: (TFT) Do you remember the first time you played?

I was 14 years old with a lot of AD&D books, modules, etc... My young Vietnamese friend, Nam, wanted to introduce me TFT. I was reluctant. What could Nam know? He was a refugee and couldn't speak English four years prior! He was a good friend. I played the game. I didn't understand it. It didn't fit my paradigm. We played it some more...and more... and I loved it! We still used D&D books for reference material. We'd convert characters and had a blast.

The most fun we had was converting a high level D&D wizard that I had into TFT stats. He was forced to take the same time to cast his spell in TFT that he would have been required under D&D rules and he had to memorize spells. He fought a "resurrected" [I'm sure we killed him more than once] Tollenkar, who was strickly a TFT wizard. The battle was epic. My D&D wizard, Kail, took FOREVER to cast a spell while Tollenkar and Co. fired stuff off left and right. When the D&D spell went off, however, the effects were larger than anything allowed in TFT. It was a phenomenal battle. Tollenkar was perched on a dias on a magical throne with gobs of protection and was supported by an ungodly number of apprentices. Kail dispatched almost all of the apprentices with a high level Otiluke's freezing sphere spell. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. It took him a while to get it off but his D&D protection was more than enough to keep the bad guys at bay. After that, neither Tollenkar nor Kail to touch the other, and if either one did touch the other it was game over. Kail eventually won but not by the sheer power of D&D spells. Nope. He teleported behind Tollenkar, walked through the spell shield and clubbed him to death with his staff!


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Do you remember the first time you played?

My regular Dungeon Master said "We're not playing D&D"

I am immediately offended. He's got some new flimsy little game
with like
three dice and a booklet that's smaller than a TV guide. "Do
you know how much
money I just spent on these D&D books?"

He shows me the Hand of the Jedi Widow Washer and stays
on message. "We're
just going to do some Melee fights today. We still
play D&D." I Narrow my eyes
at him.

I can't believe how easy I am to manipulate. But yeah, we
played, and it was
fun. I mean he shifted into my side hex for a free
attack that first game, but
I never let it happen again I promise.

So every afternoon when we got out of school we would go to his
house, each
make a bowl of Ice Cream and play a round or two of Melee.
Soon we added his
younger brother, and then another friend. A month
later we were all experts.

When he announced he was staring up a Melee campaign
permanently we all nodded
enthusiastically. I mean how much longer we
would put up with that broken old
game system called D&D I don't
know. I mean in D&D one could have eighteen
double zero strength
and only one hit point. It just didn't make any sense at

David Michael Grouchy II

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