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RE: (TFT) Do you remember the first time you played?

I found one from Brett Slocum.  I hope he will pardon me for reprinting it

David Michael Grouchy II

   In the late 1970s, I started playing the
Melee and Wizard games from
Metagaming. Those microgames and others
were great. When TFT came out at
GenCon or Origins (I can't remember
which), I picked up a copy, along with a
TFT tee shirt ("Do it In the
Labyrinth"). The best part was it was all for
$10. I read it that
weekend and loved it. The next fall my friend Bill Seurer
was going to
start a game, as soon as he finished co-GMing an AD&D game. I
joined the D&D game for 2 months, just to make sure I got into his
game. When
we switched to TFT and a new campaign world, we started
playing once a week.
Oh my god, we had fun. Then he started a second
group per week, and I played
in that one too. For the next two years, I
played TFT twice a week. Some of
the most fun roleplaying I've ever
had, and I've had a lot.

Brett Slocum

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