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Re: (TFT) Do you remember the first time you played?

David Michael Grouchy II wrote:

> Do you remember the first time you played?

Yup.  The Green House Gang.

I was a relatively new member of the group, and we were sitting around trying to figure out what to play. They hadn't played it in awhile and they dragged me into it. I wasn't overly interested, but what the heck.

The system was simple, direct, and in its simplicity still managed to exceed the apparent realism of other systems.

I was hooked after the first game.

I eventually figured out it was the same game that some people were playing frequently in the simulations gaming club I assumed acting leadership of during my high school days.

Merely a brief spectator then, I hadn't thought much of the game; the hex grid seemed to small to have any kind of interesting tactical manipulation of battles, etc.

One of many faulty assumptions in my Life.

Since then, I've always turned back to Melee and TFT for inspiration when designing massive character combat games for the computer. Somewhere between TFT and Rolemaster there lies a relatively realistic system that doesn't take all the CPU to compute battle results.


- Steve M.
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